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How do you measure your health?

Measure Your Health
Pain and other symptoms are part of your health measurement, but are just a piece of your whole health picture. Puzzle Piece We will do a variety of tests to determine just how well you are functioning. Some test we perform you can not receive anywhere else.

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Yoga Benefits

As with all things in life, what you get out of yoga is based on what you put into it. We focus on developing strength, balance, flexibility, mental focus, and calmness of mind. All of the movements and posses are centred around the spine. Dr. Dan is a spinal health care specialist and he knows that getting movement into the spine and helping to build strength in the spinal structures has a huge benefit to one's health.


Yoga Plank

With our yoga classes you will get physically stronger. Stronger legs, stronger arms, and stronger spine and torso. This is mostly done by hold the posses. In weight training terms this is called an isometric contractions. This is a very safe and effective method of gaining muscle strength. Most people feel some muscle soreness after their first yoga class. Once the muslces get use to this type of workout the soreness goes away and you just notice getting stronger. Most people can't hold the poses for very long at first. Don't worry about what others can do that you can't. Everyone starts where they are at and builds from there.


Crane Pose

Balance is a great life skill to develop. Having better balance allows you to carry yourself with better posture all day long. This puts less stress into your body all day long and less stress in your body each and every day will help you to live longer and enjoy a higher quality of life. Isn't that great? Do let this postures scare you. You learn them a little bit at a time. You just start whereever your balance is at. You will be surprised how quickly it will improve. Just keep challenging your balance point. It will stimulate your nervous system and that will generate better control. It take time and consistent practice to improve but everyone does improve. You will too.


Yoga Twist

Flexibility is a vital aspect of your health, especially the health of your spine. The movement of the joints in your spine send signals to your brain which helps to keep the brain functioning properly. Flexibility of the joints throughout the body is one of the best ways to prevent arthritis from setting in. The ability to backup your car requires a flexible neck. Flexible muscle are more efficient at generating power so you don't get as tired during a busy day. Flexibility helps keep your blood circulating which combates the development of high blood pressure. Flexibility stimulates the lymphatic system which carries away waste from your muscles. There are so many good reasons to improve your flexiblity. Yoga does just that.

Focus and Meditation

Warrior 3 Handstand

Many of the poses encorporate all three components strength, balance, and flexiblity. This engages the mind in a very unique way. You learn how to focus and keep the mind relaxed at the same time. If you bring it too much tension you won't be able to keep the balance. If you try to focus to hard your flexiblity will be limited. You will quickly learn that the greatest limitation to your progress is in your mind. The more develop your ability to relax the mind into a meditative state and focus your attention on all aspects of your body the more you will progress in your yoga poses. This will care forward into your daily activities. You will find the same rules apply. The more you can keep you mind relaxed and focused the easier your tasks will get accomplished. There is much more to yoga practice than just the physical benefits and those benefits affect all aspect of your life, not just when you are on the mat. You may never be able to press yourself up into a handstand but the effort you put in to trying to get there will still give you great beneft.

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Our inner peace is our natural state. The busy-ness of life hides it from us. We yearn to be able to get away an lie on the beach in order to reclaim it. That just isn't enough to support our health. We need to return to our peace nature every day. Chiropractic care helps to clear the communication pathways so that we can find our inner peace with ease. We all have different ways of returning to peace. We all need to find our way.



We have many moving parts and many bodily functions. We must keep them all moving and functioning at their best if we want to perform at our best in life. A competetive athelete strives to be as powerful as they can to be the best at their game. Is an athletes game more important than your life? Of course not! Then it makes sense that keeping your body powerful is just as important, isn't it? Chiropractic care keeps the power on.



What is it in life the moves you? What activites get you so engrosed that time flys by when you are doing them? Who are the people in your life that make your life worth living? These are your passions and they are an essential part of your health. Chiropractic care helps you to stay fully engaged in your passions. When your health suffers your whole life suffers. The people in your life suffer and you can no longer do the things you love. Protect your passion by safeguarding your health.

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