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How do you measure your health?

Measure Your Health
Pain and other symptoms are part of your health measurement, but are just a piece of your whole health picture. Puzzle Piece We will do a variety of tests to determine just how well you are functioning. Some test we perform you can not receive anywhere else.

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Schedule, Fees, and Equipment

It is easy to get started in yoga. There is very little equipement that is needed and you don't even need much space. The bare bone basics is some loose fitting clothing and enough room to lay down.

Practicing in a class helps in a number of ways. You will get instruction on how to hold the posses properly and safely. Instruction of breathing is also a great benefit. The goal is to teach you a skill so that you can practice on your own at any time.

People who have been doing yoga for many years still come to classes. There is a social benefit to sharing yoga with others. It also seems that the increased energy in the room helps everyone perform at a higher level.


We currently have just 1 class per week. Our class is geared towards a beginner and intermediate skill level. You may not be able to do everything at first but it will improve quickly.


6:15 pm


Our fee structure is very simple. There is no sign-up time. You can start at any time. Best to call ahead to make sure there is space in the class.

1 Class


10 Classes


When you purchase ten classes you use them up as you come. There is no time limit. If you come twice a week it will last 5 weeks. If you come once a week it will last 10 weeks.


Loose fitting clothing is essential. There is some clothing that is specifically designed for yoga practice but it is not necessary. A pair of track pants and a t-shirt will suffice. Yoga specific clothing may enhance your experience though, as it is designed to work with the movements of yoga.

Yoga Mat

It is best to practice yoga on a mat. This will help prevent your feet from slipping when holding your poses. The cost of a mat can vary from $25 to $150+. There are benefits to more expensive mats but they are not required. Generally you get what you pay for. You may find mats priced less than $25 but we do not recommend them. Often they are slippery and they always wear out quickly. We can lend you a mat for our first class. After that you will need to bring one with you to class.

There are other accessories that can be purchased such as yoga blocks, straps, and bolsters. We will provide them in class when we need them. When you practice at home some of these items may be of benefit.

First Class is Free - Call 613-395-4747



Our inner peace is our natural state. The busy-ness of life hides it from us. We yearn to be able to get away an lie on the beach in order to reclaim it. That just isn't enough to support our health. We need to return to our peace nature every day. Chiropractic care helps to clear the communication pathways so that we can find our inner peace with ease. We all have different ways of returning to peace. We all need to find our way.



We have many moving parts and many bodily functions. We must keep them all moving and functioning at their best if we want to perform at our best in life. A competetive athelete strives to be as powerful as they can to be the best at their game. Is an athletes game more important than your life? Of course not! Then it makes sense that keeping your body powerful is just as important, isn't it? Chiropractic care keeps the power on.



What is it in life the moves you? What activites get you so engrosed that time flys by when you are doing them? Who are the people in your life that make your life worth living? These are your passions and they are an essential part of your health. Chiropractic care helps you to stay fully engaged in your passions. When your health suffers your whole life suffers. The people in your life suffer and you can no longer do the things you love. Protect your passion by safeguarding your health.

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